Spending Lessons from Kate Gosselin

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Kate Gosselin recently made the news for purchasing a new Audi TT sports car. It’s a 2-door with a turbo-charged engine.   Not exactly what you would picture someone who is the single mother of eight children to be driving.  Considering that Kate has been quoted in magazines as being concerned over money, maybe she could use a lesson in shopping.  Thinking you have the right to buy whatever you want is definitely not the strategy that will get you ahead.

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Some people have the luxury of being able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.  (Note the use of the word luxury; which by definition is the state of extravagant living.)  For most of us, we are forced to think about how our current purchases will fit into our lives right now and into the future.  This requires planning ahead for many of our shopping trips.  It doesn’t necessarily require a long process, but a few minutes of thinking can go a long way.  For example, if most of us were about to purchase a car, we would need to think about what our exact needs are and how we will be using it.  Therefore, if we had eight kids, a 2-door car may not be an option.  Let alone the fact that buying a high-end brand of car wouldn’t fit into the family budget.  With more and more people requiring special financing for those in need of bad credit car loan, the monthly payment alone would do us in.  Not to mention maintenance and repair of a vehicle like the Audi TT.

Not every purchase needs to be dwelt over.  If you’re feeling the need for an impulse purchase, go ahead and decide on an amount of money that you could comfortably part with each month and allow yourself to go nuts.  The amount will differ for everyone’s budget, for some the $20 we blew on the latest as-seen-on-TV phenomenon is it.  I would venture to guess that most of us wouldn’t have a $50,000 fun budget like Ms. Gosselin.  So love her or hate her there is something we could all learn from the former reality TV star.

P.S.  I wonder how child support works when their are eight kids involved, do they still try to calculate a percentage of John’s income or do they just smash him over the head with a hammer and get it over with.

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  1. It’s amazing that spending and income seem to go hand and hand. Most people are never satisfied with what they have. If you make $20,000 a year you might say, if I just made $100,000 a year I would be satisfied. The people that make $100,000 a year think, If I could just make $200,000 or $300,000 a year I would be happy. It never ends. The people that make millions soon realize that all the money in the world can’t fill the void in their life.

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