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Spending Lessons from Kate Gosselin

Audi 8J TT Coupe 3.2 quattro photographed in Tokyo

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Kate Gosselin recently made the news for purchasing a new Audi TT sports car. It’s a 2-door with a turbo-charged engine.   Not exactly what you would picture someone who is the single mother of eight children to be driving.  Considering that Kate has been quoted in magazines as being concerned over money, maybe she could use a lesson in shopping.  Thinking you have the right to buy whatever you want is definitely not the strategy that will get you ahead.

Some people have the luxury of being able to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.  (Note the use of the word luxury; which by definition is the state of extravagant living.)  For most of us, we are forced to think about how our current purchases will fit into our lives right now and into the future.  This requires planning ahead for many of our shopping trips.  It doesn’t necessarily require a long process, but a few minutes of thinking can go a long way.  For example, if most of us were about to purchase a car, we would need to think about what our exact needs are and how we will be using it.  Therefore, if we had eight kids, a 2-door car may not be an option.  Let alone the fact that buying a high-end brand of car wouldn’t fit into the family budget.  With more and more people requiring special financing for those in need of bad credit car loan, the monthly payment alone would do us in.  Not to mention maintenance and repair of a vehicle like the Audi TT.

Not every purchase needs to be dwelt over.  If you’re feeling the need for an impulse purchase, go ahead and decide on an amount of money that you could comfortably part with each month and allow yourself to go nuts.  The amount will differ for everyone’s budget, for some the $20 we blew on the latest as-seen-on-TV phenomenon is it.  I would venture to guess that most of us wouldn’t have a $50,000 fun budget like Ms. Gosselin.  So love her or hate her there is something we could all learn from the former reality TV star.

P.S.  I wonder how child support works when their are eight kids involved, do they still try to calculate a percentage of John’s income or do they just smash him over the head with a hammer and get it over with.

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Problems With Multiway Bras In Strapless Mode

Convertible bras, also known as multiway bras, are great inventions in my opinion. The idea that you can take off the shoulder straps and re-attach them in different ways, is just brilliant, as it allows you to use one bra with lots of different garments during the course of one day. This can really cut down on the wardrobe you need to fit in a garment bag or suitcase.

But unfortunately, you can’t take for granted that any multiway bra will work completely as intended. In one type of situation especially, it may actually betray you completely. This can happen when you wear the bra in its strapless mode, something which most convertible bras allow. Of course, you should always check before you buy, that it will actually support your bust enough that you feel it is usable. Make sure to do this in the store, and ask for tips on how to make it work best – before you buy. But there is one thing, which a lot of women (including myself) have forgotten to check, before putting the cash on the counter: Does it support you in the long run? What am I talking about, you say? Well, I had this experience once:

This was with a gorgeous black multiway bra I bought once. Everything seemed great at the store, it fit perfectly, did what it was supposed to do, so I plunked down the greens and brought it home. A few days later, I wore it for the first time – for 10 hours at a trade show I was attending. For some reason, I had deemed it fitting to wear a strapless dress, while I was doing presentations and talking to potential clients on our stand, so I had happily taken the straps off the bra, and left them at home. To my dismay, the fabric sort of went soft after a while – the back straps, which were supposed to to the heavy lifting (pun intended) started to give! Seen from the outside, it was no disaster, but I felt horrible for the rest of the show! This great bra had turned in to a not-very great bra, with very little support of my bust. For some reason, the fabric went soft, probably from being heated up during so many hours. It shouldn’t – but it did.

To cut this short: Ladies – don’t make this mistake! Wear the bra immediately after you take it home (and do so in a controlled environment – like your closet) so you can find out if it does what I have described. If yes, then take it back to the store. Don’t risk finding out in a critical setting – as I did.

Pink Phones: Best of the Best

The most well rounded pink phone types are those that seamlessly combine both beauty and functionality to form a ravishing high end mobile phone.  This is something that a genuine mobile phone enthusiast and a certified fashionista will always root for – getting yourself a cellphone that’s not only fully functional but also fascinating in design is considered to be the ideal quest especially for young girls and ladies.

With the pink color as one of the most celebrated and the trendiest color as of the moment, it will not be difficult for you to find the best one among the many interesting pink cell phones available today.  If you are on a pink mobile phone quest, the following below are some of the popular mobile phones styled in pink color that will highly capture your attention.

LG Chocolate Strawberry Pink

You will give yourself a delightful strawberry-like treat if you have the strawberry pink LG from the LG Chocolate series.  The LG phone model KG800 / KG90 is attractive in pink and will definitely invite lots of female customers to pick this one.

Nokia X6 – Pink

If you don’t want to get an elegant black version of Nokia X6, then you will be glad to know there’s a hot pink version for this phone model.  This arresting pink design is one of the most after-sought smartphones of the present generation.

iPhone Pink

Other phone model wouldn’t stand a chance with iPhone – even more so if it’s furnished in pink color! The gentle soft pink color of the pink iPhone is packed with features like 3G functionality. The touchscreen is as stunning as the exterior pink design of the iPhone.

Motorola RAZR Pink

Motorola rages the market with their Motorola RAZR in pink color, probably the most delicious among the Motorola design.  Its slim fit feature is handy and convenient for the mobile and fashionable lifestyle.

Three Books that Every Woman Must Have

If you are a woman then you may want to get your hands on three particular kinds of health books . These three types of books can help a woman stay healthy, and learn about particular health problems. The first health book a woman should have is a book that explains vulvo health. A book like this will help women learn what types of conditions can affect the vulvo area, as well as information on sexual pain disorders, and menstrual issues. There are many books that cater to all age groups, so any woman of any age should be able to find a good health book on vulvo health.

Another type of health book that a woman must have is a book that is about cancer. There are many kinds of cancers that affect women, and some women do not know how to recognize the signs of some cancers. Health books that are about women cancers can help women learn about different types of cancers, as well as teach them how to do self-examinations. A woman of any age should be able to find some very useful and important information about certain types of cancer.

A major health concern among many women is varicose and spider veins. There are many healthy books out there that can explain what spider and varicose veins are, and how to treat them. This is actually a common vein disorder among women, and approximately sixty-percent of women suffer from varicose and spider veins. These type of veins typically appear in the legs. Medical treatment is usually not needed, but most women find these types of veins to be a problem, and a health book about varicose and spider veins should give some excellent tips to women who want to treat the veins without seeking out medical attention.

Wedding Flowers – From Bride Bouquet to Outdoor Receptions

There is much to be organized as a wedding approaches and choosing the correct wedding flowers plays a vital role in setting the perfect mood at the church and reception.  From the bride bouquet to the decorations in the church and the reception room, flowers provide the icing on the wedding cake.  Guests gathered at the church for the wedding ceremony will have their eyes fixed on the bride and her bouquet and photographs will always include the wedding flowers.  It is therefore required to give them much thought.

The bride bouquet is made up of a number of flowers – commonly miniature roses -which come in colors such as yellow, red, pink, orange and white. Bouquets carried by the bride should complement the wedding dress worn. If the flowers in the bouquet are of color that is a complete contrast to the wedding dress, then the ensemble can have a haphazard look to it that does not befit the occasion.

The size of the flower bouquet carried by the bride should match her body frame. For a bride who is short the bouquet should be compact enough for her to carry it comfortably. If it is too heavy or wide then it might look a bit odd in her hands and make the bride look small.  Similarly, taller and well-built brides should have a much bigger bouquet than the bouquet carried by a shorter bride.

Wedding florists have considerable experience in arranging flowers for special occasions, particularly weddings. The wedding couple is always free to give their suggestions or requirements to the florist.  Flower decorations in the church and the reception hall should virtually always be handled by a florist or a professional wedding planner, even if the budget for the wedding is quite short.  There are design complexities involved in making flower decorations to tastefully cover the length and breadth of the reception hall.

Wedding flowers that are used for decorating the reception hall can be white in color to match the color of the wedding gown worn by the bride, but the availability of flowers is mostly dependent on the season in which the wedding is held. A wide variety of flowers are available during the spring and summer season, but choices are more restricted for a winter wedding. The higher quantity and wide variety of flowers available in the summer and spring can lower the cost of wedding flowers during these seasons.

A spring or summer wedding affords the additional choice of holding the reception or even the wedding outdoors, and if this is chosen by the bride and groom then beautiful outdoor flowers can complete a perfect outdoor wedding.

About the author:

Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web and recommends Anne Harding, who are a wedding shop Bristol

Keep Treats Safe with Cupcake Boxes

People who enjoy baking tasty treats will often offer their services for local bake sales. Cupcakes are big sellers at bake sales. Sometimes they are sold individually and sometimes they are sold in larger quantities. Cupcake boxes can help display these small treats in an attractive way on the sales table. Boxes are sold in a wide range of sizes and there are many different styles with something to fit any occasion.

Most cupcake boxes and inserts are made out of sturdy cardboard. The box resembles an ordinary cake box but the inside will feature an insert to secure the individual cakes. The insert should fit inside the box without wobbling around. If the item inside is allowed to slide around it can damage the frosting. The frosting is the most decorative part of the cake so inserts are necessary to preserve all the hard work that went into making it look good.

Sizes range from single boxes designed to hold just one cupcake up to the extra large version that will hold a couple dozen treats. There may be a clear cellophane sheet across the top of the box to allow the contents to be easily seen without lifting the cover. This is a good way to protect them from excess exposure to the air which will dry them out. Single boxes can be found in bright colors that make them ideal for gifts.

Cardboard is not the only choice when it comes to this type of box. There are also clear plastic containers like the type often seen in a bakery or grocery store. These plastic containers are typically seen in smaller sizes that will hold up to six cupcakes at a time. Similar to an egg carton, the sections are molded to hold a cake securely in place. Single plastic containers in bright colors can be used to easily pack cupcakes in a school lunch.

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