MAC Makeup Brushes and Cosmetics for Mothers Day

What mother doesn’t love getting a gift of makeup? But this year instead of something she will use up why not consider a makeup gift that will last for many years? Consider giving your mum some MAC Makeup Brushes.

Many mothers who use makeup for various reasons, want a product that will deliver what it promises, and won’t fade, bleed or blend. They also want their makeup tools to provide the detail and application that they need in order to produce successful and beautiful results. The MAC product line gives only professional results that are beyond amazing. MAC uses … Read more at Mothers Day 2009

Justin Bieber – From ‘YouTube’ to Superstar!

Justin ‘Drew’ Bieber seemed to come out of nowhere, and has taken the World of Pop Music by storm, delighting teenagers and parents alike with his talent, personality and charm. And he now has a great range of Justin Bieber Doll options for sale.

He was first seen on You Tube by thousand of Pop-mad youngsters, and then by his soon to-be Manager Scooter Braun in 2008.

Globalrose - Perfect for every occasion

Fortunately for Justin, his Mother Pattie Mallette had put some of her home recordings of him on the popular You Tube for her family and friends to see, and so the story began … Read more at Mothers Day 2009