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Justin Bieber – From ‘YouTube’ to Superstar!

Justin ‘Drew’ Bieber seemed to come out of nowhere, and has taken the World of Pop Music by storm, delighting teenagers and parents alike with his talent, personality and charm. And he now has a great range of Justin Bieber Doll options for sale.

He was first seen on You Tube by thousand of Pop-mad youngsters, and then by his soon to-be Manager Scooter Braun in 2008.

Fortunately for Justin, his Mother Pattie Mallette had put some of her home recordings of him on the popular You Tube for her family and friends to see, and so the story began of Justin’s fast track to Stardom.

He is now a teenage Idol all around the World, and thousands of screaming fans can be seen at his Concerts, which are always a sell out.

Since he was discovered in 2008 he has become an International Super Star, and his Concerts are a fantastic experience for all of his fans, both male and female.

His charismatic personality and boyish good looks have made him the most popular new Pop singer in the last few years, and he has won so many awards, which is a fitting reward for all the hard work it has taken him to reach this point.

He must have spent thousands of hours learning his skills as a young boy, as he taught himself to play the drums,  guitar, piano and the trumpet. No easy task for this talented guy.

It seems that he has come a long way in such a short space of time, and this is all down to his love of singing and music, perseverance and standing up to the challenges which he must have had as a child being brought up in a one parent family.

He has had an Auto-biography published and this tells us of the obstacles he came across as he was growing up, and it is all credit to him that he has climbed to the top of the music pop scene. Now the name of Justin Bieber is known all over the World.

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