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Why Scrapbooks Make Wonderful Gifts for Mothers

Why Scrapbooks Make Wonderful Gifts for Mothers

Scrap booking is very enjoyable. If you are imaginative and creative, you can make it a valuable present to your mother this coming Mother’s Day. Before doing that, you first need to plan the layout of the scrap book. Expressing how much you appreciate and care for your mom through the scrapbook is a very memorable sort of gift. What’s great is that you can make it more personalized by adding a dose of your own creativity on it.

Through the years, your mother sacrificed a lot in order to keep you safe and happy. Making a scrapbook is just one of the many ways by which you can show your gratitude for all those years of motherhood. A good way to start is to describe your mother in positive ways. You can make your description in the following aspects:

  • Physical appearance
  • Achievements
  • Favorite
  • Special Abilities
  • Your Own Viewpoint About Your Mom

Feel free to add you own thoughts about mom. Inserting personal comments really make your scrap book unique and touching. Here are some of the many things you can include in your scrapbook:

  • Top reasons why you love your mother a lot
  • Wonderful things mom has done in the past few years
  • Things taught to you by mom that you will never forget
  • Recent events that made you admire mom even more
  • Special quotes for awesome mothers
  • Write a few poetic verses
  • Include pictures that include mom during some memorable moments

If you want your scrapbook to have more impact and achieve its purpose, then add more pictures to it! The more, the better. Try searching for pictures of your mom during her youth. Or dig some photos from old family albums where she looks younger and you were just a kid. This makes the scrapbook both sentimental and fun to read. If you can include various photos of your mom along with you and your family members in the past twenty years or so, you can really make your gift a very special experience for her.

Mothers Day Poems

Mothers Day Poems

The tradition of honoring Mothers goes back to the Greeks and their celebrations of Rhea the mother of all their deities. The second Sunday in May was proclaimed as the official day to honor all mothers in the United States by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. With Mothers Day Cards and gifts we try to tell our Mothers what they mean to us.

English: Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre (1887-193...

English: Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre (1887-1933), second daughter of US President Woodrow Wilson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many have chosen the tradition of writing poems to celebrate the women who nurtured us. Words are used to express deep feelings and from the small child to the professional writer, great effort is put forth to honor in words the women we treasure. With a Mothers Day poem we endeavor to tell Mother how much we love her.

Many mothers can open a box that holds handwritten cards decorated with paper lace and hearts, mis-spelled words and crayon drawings. These precious mementos of their childs first efforts to say Happy Mothers Day, are treasures they keep for a lifetime.

Mothers Day cards may have become a big business, but to the woman who receives them the very fact she received it is worth more than a diamond ring. A poem filled with words that say her child feels loved and secure is more often than not the only time she will hear how much her sacrifices have meant. That is why each May we all sit down to write or search out already written poems to give she who deserves thanks.