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Finding The Right Way To Say The Right Thing With A Greeting Card

Cards are a simple way to share a token of appreciation or give recognition to those who deserve it.  If it weren’t for greeting cards,  certain holidays may not even exist. Care to imagine a world without Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day? And that’s just the beginning. Not only are there different cards for the different holidays, there are also different genres of each greeting card for each holiday. Humorous, romantic, spiritual, etc., the list goes on and on.

With such a large selection, greeting cards should be easy to to find. Selecting a greeting card that best fits your personality and describes the message you want it to, however, isn’t that easy.

Many times, a greeting card doesn’t always capture the passion or appreciation you have for whom ever you wish to share it with. In these cases, personalized cards are sometimes the best option. That being said, while the best words come from the heart, a card can do a great job of helping you get the RIGHT words from the heart. Adding in personal pictures can also help make a card a memory, and not just words. Considering how many people reply “nothing” when asked what they want as a gift for an upcoming holiday, sometimes the right greeting card can go a long way towards being the perfect gift.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find printable greeting card templates that allow you to write a personalized message. Personalized greeting cards allow you to create your own Hallmark moment with a sentimental picture and a few words that describe exactly how you feel. If you decide to use a online resource of personalized cards, some templates will allow users to upload a personal image straight from Facebook or your computer. Other e-card sites allow you to email cards to the recipient which include videos or music to help set the mood of your message. Some e-cards offer different types of animation plus a section for your personal message. My favorite e-cards come around Christmas time from a website called Elf Yourself (If you are looking for a good laugh – I’m talking’ laughing to tears – check it out!)

If you lack creativity like me, some of the template greeting cards you can find online even come with a pre-written message which you can use. Talk about taking the words right out of your mouth!

The next time you’re looking for a time effective way to get your feelings across to someone special, try a personalized greeting card.

Mothers Day Poem

To That Special Mom

Mother’s Day is a day that is celebrated in many different countries. The ancient Romans also revered their mothers on the day of Juno, the harvest goddess. In the United States, in 1914, a very special woman by the name of Anna Jarvis spearheaded the movement to have a date set aside to revere all moms in this country. Because of her, Mothers Day occurs on every second Sunday in May.

English: Mother's Day card

English: Mother’s Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year, almost everyone scrambles to find the perfect Mother’s Day card with the perfect sentiment or the perfect mother’s day poem.  Many rely on Hallmark or other card companies to do our work for them, while others are more daring and take months or weeks to write that perfect poem for mom.

The high tech sons and daughters choose to let their fingers do the walking over their keyboards; seeking websites that promise “the perfect card.” There are also those individuals that have books bound with personal family photos of themselves, children, family pets and events that have occurred throughout the years.

The do it yourself card maker will patronize either a small independent scrapbooking store or a big box crafting emporium. These shops make card kits that can be put together with some scissors, glue, colorful pens and miscellaneous embellishments. However the makers of these cards are still on their own to find a suitable poem or saying for their one of a kind mom.

Printable Mother’s Day Cards

Printable Mother’s Day Cards

So you’ve glanced ahead a few weeks on the calender and realized it’s Mother’s Day on May 9th. Even though you know in the USA Mother’s Day date always falls on the second Sunday in May, it may have slipped your mind. Or maybe you were smart enough to put it in your smartphone when you forgot last year and have already found a gift. Or you’ve waited too long to get a gift and decide you still have time to send a meaningful card, or you have no idea what your mother likes so it’s off to the nearest Hallmark.

English: Hallmark Gold Crown Store

English: Hallmark Gold Crown Store (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whatever your situation a Mother’s Day card can be the ideal complement or substitute for a gift. But how to find the perfect card? If you’ve ever been in a card shop you know that the variety is nearly endless, and it can be hard to find the one that will make your Mother feel special.

The solution, printable Mother’s Day cards. With online resources you can find the perfect card and print it out right at home. So where can you find this amazing tool? Actually more than one place. Xerox.com offers some visually appealing templates with more than one card type, however the selection is somewhat limited. 123printcards.com has a nice collection of cards to choose from, and customized envelopes to print out and paste together for the ultimate customization experience. Printfree.com has a decent selection also. But if none of these websites have the right one don’t fret, there are still a host of others you can look through.