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Unique Gift Ideas for Senior Moms

Unique Gift Ideas for Senior Moms

If your mother is now in her senior years, gifting slippers and bathrobes to her are not your only options. Always remember that a woman’s age is not judged by a number, but how she feels deep inside. Outlook in life is more important than age and looks! In this generation, seniors have learned how to enjoy their retirement years to the fullest. Most senior moms today love to travel, engage in fun physical activities, and try new things they’ve never done before. If your mom’s options are limited and her body is no longer strong as it used to be, there are a variety of gifts that you can give in order to remind her how awesome it is to be alive.

Always remember the true essence of Mother’s day, and that is, to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Don’t just give gifts that are commonplace and adheres to the stereotype image of elder mothers. If your mother is considerably old, think of something special to give her that would rekindle her enthusiasm in life and make her feel important as a mother. Here are possible gift ideas for senior moms:

It is a very common sentiment among senior mothers to become nostalgic about classic Hollywood movies. In the times of Cary Grant and Greta Garbo, men are impressively well-groomed and the women have a unique kind of glamour. Bringing those memories back to your mother’s mind makes her heart sparkle again with the thoughts of youth. This Mother’s Day, make it a point to give your mother access to hundreds of old movies which she may have watched many years ago. Subscribe to Netflix and give her your login information. Or, you can teach your mother how to surf online to find her favorite old movies. If your mother isn’t too inclined towards computers and the internet, you can just buy her DVD copies of classic Hollywood movies. This way, she can watch them during her spare time.

Doing the tip above takes only a very short time to do. In fact, you do not need to spend big amounts of money on expensive parties and gifts just to make your mom feel special. All you have to do is use your creativity and imagination to think of unique ways to give your mother the delight she deserves on this special occasion.

Simple Ideas For A Fun Mother’s Day Celebration

Simple Ideas For A Fun Mother’s Day Celebration

In your life, your mother has different vital roles that helps you and guides you in whatever you do. Remember when you were still a little kid? During those times your mother was your “angel”. In teenage years, your mother is your best pal and confidante. She does everything to protect you and keep you from the horrors of the world. When you became an adult, your mom keeps guiding you and giving you priceless gems of advice. She shares your successes and achievements. She helped you in your crucial exam days and cooked delicious food for you after you had a painful breakup. Mom’s unconditional love has always been there for you.

This coming mother’s day, it is now your turn to make your mother feel special. It’s now time to show your gratitude and appreciation for everything she has ever done for you. The mother’s day occasion is the perfect time for you to make your mother feel special and an important part of your life. Don’t let this celebration pass by without giving your mother a very memorable surprise. Here are some ideas that will help you spend a meaningful Mother’s Day with your mom:

Sit down with your mom and encourage her to share stories about her own childhood. Just take the time to listen to her talk. This is her special day, and giving her a chance to reminisce about her past is an awesome way to spend quality time with her. By listening intently to her, she will feel important and special. Don’t forget to grace the occasion with delicious food, dessert and wonderful conversation. As you spend Mother’s Day with your mother, just let her entertain everyone in the family about stories of her first crush, her first job, how she got married, and many other stories which are memorable to her. This is a simple but fun way to celebrate this special day.

If for some reason you are away from home and cannot spend time with your mother, you can still make her feel that you remembered her by sending flowers, special gifts and chocolates.

The Significance Of Flowers On Mother’s Day

The Significance Of Flowers On Mother’s Day

Many florists consider Mother’s Day as probably one of the busiest days of the year. This is true to some extent, because during this day many people tend to send flowers to their mothers with a greeting card. If you go online, you will find many florists who can let you choose among combinations of flowers as gift on Mother’s Day. Some of the blooms available are roses, tulips, and other bright spring cuts and sizes with various price ranges.

Don’t believe your mother when she says “I don’t really want any gift for Mother’s Day”, because at the back of her mind she is longing to receive a special gift from her kids.  It could be as simple as a corsage that she can wear on special occasions, or a bouquet of flowers that she could place in her living room for decoration.

People have always associated Mother’s Day with flowers. There is an old tradition that if your mother is still alive, then you should wear a red flower on your lapel. If your mother is no longer alive, then the flower on your lapel should be white. Fewer people observe this tradition nowadays, and this is probably good. It is difficult for a person to commemorate Mother’s Day if one’s mother is already deceased. Announcing it to the world by wearing a white blossom only triggers emotions of loss and is therefore not encouraging.

Anna Jarvis, the person known for sponsoring Mother’s Day in America, chose to wear a white blossom on the very first Mother’s Day because that was her mom’s favorite color. However, when she eventually observed that florists have become too money-driven and would do anything to get customers, she initiated a long standing feud against them.

Anna Jarvis said these words in expression of her disappointment with the flower industry: “What will you do to route bandits, pirates and racketeers that would undermine with their greed one of the finest, noblest and truest movement and celebrations.”

Here’s where it all get ironic: When Anna was old, penniless, and confined in a nursing home before her death, she wasn’t aware that her expenses were taken care of by the Florist’s Exchange.