Pink Phones: Best of the Best

The most well rounded pink phone types are those that seamlessly combine both beauty and functionality to form a ravishing high end mobile phone.  This is something that a genuine mobile phone enthusiast and a certified fashionista will always root for – getting yourself a cellphone that’s not only fully functional but also fascinating in design is considered to be the ideal quest especially for young girls and ladies.

With the pink color as one of the most celebrated and the trendiest color as of the moment, it will not be difficult for you to find the best one among the many interesting pink cell phones available today.  If you are on a pink mobile phone quest, the following below are some of the popular mobile phones styled in pink color that will highly capture your attention.

LG Chocolate Strawberry Pink

You will give yourself a delightful strawberry-like treat if you have the strawberry pink LG from the LG Chocolate series.  The LG phone model KG800 / KG90 is attractive in pink and will definitely invite lots of female customers to pick this one.

Nokia X6 – Pink

If you don’t want to get an elegant black version of Nokia X6, then you will be glad to know there’s a hot pink version for this phone model.  This arresting pink design is one of the most after-sought smartphones of the present generation.

iPhone Pink

Other phone model wouldn’t stand a chance with iPhone – even more so if it’s furnished in pink color! The gentle soft pink color of the pink iPhone is packed with features like 3G functionality. The touchscreen is as stunning as the exterior pink design of the iPhone.

Motorola RAZR Pink

Motorola rages the market with their Motorola RAZR in pink color, probably the most delicious among the Motorola design.  Its slim fit feature is handy and convenient for the mobile and fashionable lifestyle.

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  1. Many women love Pink Phones which were not so widely distributed in the phone market before. Most phones are either black or gray. Pink phones give some sort of feminine attachment to the owners of the mobile phone.

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  2. I just stumbled across this and I’m SO glad I did. I’m going to get one for my wife for mothers day. Thanks for all the useful info!

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