Wedding Flowers – From Bride Bouquet to Outdoor Receptions

There is much to be organized as a wedding approaches and choosing the correct wedding flowers plays a vital role in setting the perfect mood at the church and reception.  From the bride bouquet to the decorations in the church and the reception room, flowers provide the icing on the wedding cake.  Guests gathered at the church for the wedding ceremony will have their eyes fixed on the bride and her bouquet and photographs will always include the wedding flowers.  It is therefore required to give them much thought.

The bride bouquet is made up of a number of flowers – commonly miniature roses -which come in colors such as yellow, red, pink, orange and white. Bouquets carried by the bride should complement the wedding dress worn. If the flowers in the bouquet are of color that is a complete contrast to the wedding dress, then the ensemble can have a haphazard look to it that does not befit the occasion.

The size of the flower bouquet carried by the bride should match her body frame. For a bride who is short the bouquet should be compact enough for her to carry it comfortably. If it is too heavy or wide then it might look a bit odd in her hands and make the bride look small.  Similarly, taller and well-built brides should have a much bigger bouquet than the bouquet carried by a shorter bride.

Wedding florists have considerable experience in arranging flowers for special occasions, particularly weddings. The wedding couple is always free to give their suggestions or requirements to the florist.  Flower decorations in the church and the reception hall should virtually always be handled by a florist or a professional wedding planner, even if the budget for the wedding is quite short.  There are design complexities involved in making flower decorations to tastefully cover the length and breadth of the reception hall.

Wedding flowers that are used for decorating the reception hall can be white in color to match the color of the wedding gown worn by the bride, but the availability of flowers is mostly dependent on the season in which the wedding is held. A wide variety of flowers are available during the spring and summer season, but choices are more restricted for a winter wedding. The higher quantity and wide variety of flowers available in the summer and spring can lower the cost of wedding flowers during these seasons.

A spring or summer wedding affords the additional choice of holding the reception or even the wedding outdoors, and if this is chosen by the bride and groom then beautiful outdoor flowers can complete a perfect outdoor wedding.

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    I never thought that the flower bouquet must be also something to think about. I mean the bride has her own choice of what flowers she would like for her bouquet but I was just surprise that the size matters. For most weddings I have attended, they don’t really seem to matter. They don’t have private wedding planners too. But they look good with the flower bouquet they had. Well, thanks for the new ideas you’ve shared. By my wedding, I’d surely ask the wedding planner to check that for us.

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    It just came to me that wedding flowers should be considered as well in weddings. I perfectly agree with the article mentioned because wedding flowers does have an impact if it is well coordinated with the size of the bride and the colour of the dress in the entourage. It give me an idea to suggest this to a friend who is planning to get married next month. Thanks for sharing.

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    Flower for weddings? I do believe that in any wedding preparation, the floral arrangements is one of the reasons why the brides are blooming in their wedding day. It is important that you choose the perfect flower arrangement for your wedding.

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