The Replacements for Baby Bedding

As an infant sleeps soundly in a conventional or convertible swinging crib, his or her mother must give thought to the available supply of suitable linens. They should be woven with a soft and safe material. They should also display the ability to endure repeated washing.

If the sleeping infant happens to be a female, then her parents should anticipate future efforts to track down some attractive pink cot bedding. The word “cot” refers to an item that can result from transformation of a convertible swinging crib. It is the small bed used by toddlers. In the room of a small girl, a cot might be surrounded by pictures of mermaids, fairies and princesses.

In the room of a young boy, a cot’s bedding and surroundings would be quite different. There would be no pink cot bedding. Blue and green would probably be the principle colors, along with a bold red and perhaps some dark purple. There would be no hint of feminine characters.

Instead the room’s walls might contain pictures of fire engines, tow trucks, super heroes and sports stars. Any one of those same items could well appear on some of the cot’s bedding. The smart parent would use the presence of such items as an inducement to a toddler, especially one that is reluctant to slip between the covers.

Perhaps one day there will be a product like the one that now appears on certain shoes. It is a tiny circular reward, one that fits perfectly onto the appropriate footwear. It lets a mother reward a toddler, when he or she sits down, allowing the parent to put on his or her shoes.

Maybe someday some company will start selling linens that come with a set of rewards. Then a parent will be able to stick a reward on the sheet or pillowcase of the toddler that has adhered to the established bedtime, and has snuggled up on the bed, awaiting a great bedtime story.

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    It is indeed very important for the parents to provide our babies with a calm and restful environment by placing comfortable bedding.

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