The Lalaloopsy

Every year we see some exciting new toy releases and this year is no exception. The Lalaloopsy twins and the individual Lalaloopsy dolls are definitely some of the most exciting new toys for girls this year.  They really are something a little bit different.

Rather than just being generic dolls that all look the same this is a range of ten dolls that are all different. They each have their own name and along with the name comes a distinct different personality. They have got their names because of the magical rags that they were made from. This really does appeal no end to young girls, they like to think that their doll is different to everyone else’s and it will be.

They are rag dolls with a bit of a difference. The story goes that when they were made from the rags from different places there was a little bit of magic there and this is exactly what happened. So when we buy them for a young girl she is going to absolutely love her new best friend.

We will also find that each one comes with a great little pet. This could be a Cat or a Dog or even a Cow. Not life size though. These dolls are set to be very popular for Christmas presents so it really is best to buy them as soon as possible if you can. Often items like this become very rare and hard to find so we really don’t want to miss out. If they do become super popular then we may find that the price goes up too, and this usually happens for a few items every year.

Buy the Lalaloopsy dolls early to avoid missing out and you are going to be a very popular parent indeed. Girls are already going wild over these amazing dolls.

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