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Which Flowers to Deliver

Knowing the right kind of flowers to deliver for different occasions is important — you’d hate to offend someone by sending the wrong flower to a funeral or a wedding. Since most of us aren’t certified florists or floral arrangers, we depend on flower shop employees to help us pick flowers to deliver. Want a handy guide that shows which flowers to deliver to which occasion?


Seasonal flowers are best for weddings. Select light colored and more delicate flowers at spring time, and darker, richly colored flowers in the fall or winter.


Picking anniversary flowers is tough — it is best to know the kind of flowers the receiver wants. Pick seasonal flowers combined with a fruit basket. Matching a flower to the receiver’s personality, and adding your own special touch, are key to pulling off anniversary flowers.


Yellow roses always mean “friendship.”

Valentine´s Day

Roses are traditional, but you don’t have to buy red. Consider sending a group of roses of different shades, like red, bright white, or yellow.

Father´s Day

Think Dad doesn’t want flowers on his special day? Think again. A big bouquet of strong and beautiful tropical flowers is perfect.

Mother´s Day

We know Mom wants flowers on Mother’s Day — send carnations, scented narcissi, or lily of the valley.

New Baby

Brightly colored flowers are the best way to greet a new baby.


The best Turkey Day flowers are Chrysanthemums, but any of the following will work: gerbera daisies, roses, carnations, alstroemeria, lilies, wheat, solidago, monte casino, marigolds.


It can be difficult to find good Halloween flowers, so consider combining a small Jack o Lantern with a simple flower bouquet.


Bright and colorful flowers are best on birthdays. If you know the receiver’s favorite flower, send a bouquet of those.


There are some traditional Christmas flowers, including holly with green leaves and red berries, poinsettia plants with red or white flowers, and even Christmas cacti with green leaves and pink flowers.


Traditionally, White Zantedeschia aethiopica (also known as Calla Lily), a bouquet of white Roses, a trio of standard white Carnations, or lime green Euphorbia robbiae are the flower for Easter.


Funerals or other occasions for sympathy call for gladiolas, white Carnations, or white Daisies.

Just Because

When you want to put a smile on someone’s face, send them a surprise bouquet. Send an assortment of traditional flowers such as chrysanthemum, mini carnations, and greenery.


Check with the hospital beforehand to make sure they don’t have restrictions on flowers. Otherwise, send bright flowers, red or yellow, in a pretty vase.


To beautify someone’s home, send them something simple and elegant. A large bunch of fresh seasonal flowers in a pretty vase makes an elegant housewarming gift.


There are two traditional flower gifts at graduation time — lilies of different colors combined in a bouquet, or a combo of red, yellow, and blue flowers of any type.

Will Roby contributes articles about flowers to deliver and other topics at the AskDeb.com questions and answers blog.

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Justin Bieber – From ‘YouTube’ to Superstar!

Justin ‘Drew’ Bieber seemed to come out of nowhere, and has taken the World of Pop Music by storm, delighting teenagers and parents alike with his talent, personality and charm. And he now has a great range of Justin Bieber Doll options for sale.

He was first seen on You Tube by thousand of Pop-mad youngsters, and then by his soon to-be Manager Scooter Braun in 2008.

Fortunately for Justin, his Mother Pattie Mallette had put some of her home recordings of him on the popular You Tube for her family and friends to see, and so the story began of Justin’s fast track to Stardom.

He is now a teenage Idol all around the World, and thousands of screaming fans can be seen at his Concerts, which are always a sell out.

Since he was discovered in 2008 he has become an International Super Star, and his Concerts are a fantastic experience for all of his fans, both male and female.

His charismatic personality and boyish good looks have made him the most popular new Pop singer in the last few years, and he has won so many awards, which is a fitting reward for all the hard work it has taken him to reach this point.

He must have spent thousands of hours learning his skills as a young boy, as he taught himself to play the drums,  guitar, piano and the trumpet. No easy task for this talented guy.

It seems that he has come a long way in such a short space of time, and this is all down to his love of singing and music, perseverance and standing up to the challenges which he must have had as a child being brought up in a one parent family.

He has had an Auto-biography published and this tells us of the obstacles he came across as he was growing up, and it is all credit to him that he has climbed to the top of the music pop scene. Now the name of Justin Bieber is known all over the World.

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The Lalaloopsy

Every year we see some exciting new toy releases and this year is no exception. The Lalaloopsy twins and the individual Lalaloopsy dolls are definitely some of the most exciting new toys for girls this year.  They really are something a little bit different.

Rather than just being generic dolls that all look the same this is a range of ten dolls that are all different. They each have their own name and along with the name comes a distinct different personality. They have got their names because of the magical rags that they were made from. This really does appeal no end to young girls, they like to think that their doll is different to everyone else’s and it will be.

They are rag dolls with a bit of a difference. The story goes that when they were made from the rags from different places there was a little bit of magic there and this is exactly what happened. So when we buy them for a young girl she is going to absolutely love her new best friend.

We will also find that each one comes with a great little pet. This could be a Cat or a Dog or even a Cow. Not life size though. These dolls are set to be very popular for Christmas presents so it really is best to buy them as soon as possible if you can. Often items like this become very rare and hard to find so we really don’t want to miss out. If they do become super popular then we may find that the price goes up too, and this usually happens for a few items every year.

Buy the Lalaloopsy dolls early to avoid missing out and you are going to be a very popular parent indeed. Girls are already going wild over these amazing dolls.

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